About Vaibhav Sharma

Travel & tech journalist from New Delhi - Vaibhav Sharma

‘Allo there!

Thanks for moseying on over to my page. Some of you might already know me, while others amongst you probably haven’t (yet) had the chance to hear me argue about why ’80s rock is the ultimate form of music and why espresso might very well be the elixir of life.

Who am I?

I’m a freelance writer and amateur photographer currently living in Goa, India. Before striking out on my own, I spent three exciting years as Editor – Special Projects at India’s leading tech magazine, Stuff, where I worked on everything from features and product reviews to advertorials and print innovations. Going back further, I’ve also worked as Associate Editor with India’s definitive travel guide, Outlook Traveller Getaways.

Apart from this, my articles and/or photos have appeared in several prestigious magazines, newspapers, and websites, including Times of India Crest Edition, Sunday Guardian, India Deluxe Life, Zeitgeist Asia, Life Positive, MensXP, and Management Compass. In the past, I’ve also worked on blogs, marketing copy, and guest articles for a few leading startups.

These days, I’m writing for some of India’s leading titles, including Mint Lounge, Maxim, Killer Features, Air India Magazine, and Tech Insider.

Stuff that I love

I’m the naturally curious sort, which is probably why I became a journalist. But while I love learning more about anything (and everything) under the sun, there’s a special place in my heart for some stuff – technology, travel, cars, pop culture, music, and history. As for what I’m up to when not at work, I’m either downing way more espresso than I should, listening to heavy metal, or watching reruns of cheesy ’80s movies and TV shows.

Get in touch with me

Mail me, or follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and do check out my travel photography galleries on 500px.